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Learn to create basic 3D computer graphics



The 3D Fundamentals Online Course is a great starting point to gain a solid foundation in 3D computer graphics. The course is open to anyone interested in creating 3D graphics, and you can sign up without any previous experience or knowledge.

You will get to:

  • Build your 3D computer graphics skills with a strong foundation.
  • Take the course topics at your time of convenience
  • Get a solid knowledge of 3D productions
  • The course does not require previous knowledge or experience with 3D computer graphics
  • Personal tuition, feedback, and support from your expert teacher
  • Get the full tuition fee refunded if you sign up for the 3D Digital Artist after course completion.

Take the course at your time of convenience

During the course, you will learn the fundamental 3D skills. This includes modelling, lighting, texturing, unwrapping and rendering. If you have not worked with 3D computer graphics before, these terms might be new to you, but you can be assured that they will all become very familiar as you progress through the course materials.

Currently offered at a 50% discount

The course has recently been redesigned, and to ensure we offer the course to the highest possible standard, we offer a 50% discount. In return, we ask you to give us feedback during the course.

Your 3D Fundamentals Online:

Course begins when you decide.
Course ends within 6 months of start.
Currently offered at a 50% discount: 12.900,- (Normal price: 25.800 DKK.)
You can initiate the course 1-2 days after your sign-up.

NB for future 3D Digital Artist students!
If you take 3D Fundamentals Online and start the 3D Digital Artist education, you will get a 100% refund on the course, subtracted from the first installment to be paid on the education (12.900 DKK).

One month extension: 3.270 DKK.

Get the full tuition fee refunded

For many, the 3D Fundamentals Course a preparation for the 3D Digital Artist education. If you also decide to sign up for the 3D Digital Artist education after you have completed the 3D Fundamentals Online Course, you will get a full refund on the 3D Fundamentals Online Course tuition fee.