You can start the 3D Digital Artist education with little or no experience in 3D. In that case your portfolio should be focused on other creative materials, eg. 2D drawings, photographic materials, sculpting, comic books, fan art, Claymation, etc.

If you do not have any materials to build your portfolio from, we highly recommend getting in touch with us before applying. The 3D Digital Artist education is built on a highly practical approach and as such favours students that are used to create visual materials.

If you do wish to prepare for the 3D Digital Artist education, we highly recommend the 3D Essentials course. The course is 100% online and can be taken from anywhere in the world. If you take 3D Essentials and start the 3D Digital Artist education, you will get a full refund on the course, subtracted from the last instalment to be paid on the education.