The history of CADA Truemax

TRUEMAX Academy was founded in 1998 by the three brothers Mohannad, Maytham and Moayad Fahmi. The synergy between their different backgrounds in architecture, electronics, and 3D animation respectively should prove to be perfect for establishing an educational framework specialized in 3D for visual fx, animation and games. In 2021 the academy changed its name to Copenhagen Academy of Digital Arts – Truemax, shortened to CADA Truemax.

With the establishing of Truemax Academy, a new level of education in 3D computer graphics was introduced in Denmark, enabling industry to recruit graduates with a practical and professional training. It is the same fundamental philosophy and strong focus on delivering a high-quality education, that is the red line from the early start till today.

Starting out with short-term courses, focus quickly shifted to a gradually more standardized education, which in 2009 was approved for the Student Grant (SU) by the Ministry, and in 2021 was assessed by The Danish Accreditation Institution as level 6, matching the same level as bachelor and professional bachelors.

CADA Truemax continuously strives to offer an education that is of the highest possible quality. This is done through close industry relations in our industry advisory panel and professional committee as well as our close relations with other national and international educational institutions, such as The Danish Film School, DADIU, The Norwegian Film School, Abertay University University of Zagreb.

Our close relation with the industry also ensures we can offer our students the best instructors and teachers, specialists, and creative gurus, who are – and must be – at the forefront of the development. Guest lecturers include some of the world’s best 3D artists and experts from national and international production-companies.