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Open House Event

Thursday 21. March 2024 16:30 CET

Nyropsgade 23, 4th floor
1602 Copenhagen V



Ever Dreamed of a Career in 3D Animation, Games and CGI?

Discover How at CADA’s Open House Event!


What's in Store for You:

  • Tour our school and meet our students and teachers.
  • Join our free  3D Bootcamp.
  • See incredible student artwork and learn about the projects you'll tackle at CADA.
  • Discover how our graduates have contributed to big productions like 'Avengers' and 'Hitman'.

Curious about how movies like 'The Avengers' are made or how games are developed?

Our Open House is your gateway to the CGI industry’s secrets. Find out everything from game creation to animation and visual effects.


Learn directly from our teachers who bring their real-world professional experience. They're eager to show you the ropes of becoming a successful 3D Digital Artist.


Experience 3D Bootcamp


Get hands-on with 3D art in our free 3D Bootcamp. Whether you join for just this session or the full 4-week course, it’s your chance to get an introduction to 3D.

During the event you will discover

  • The skills and knowledge you'll gain at CADA.
  • The blend of theoretical and hands-on learning in each semester.
  • The productions our students are involved in.
  • How our students finance the education.
  • The community and networking opportunities at CADA.
  • The education workload.
  • The diverse career paths CADA graduates pursue in the digital arts industry.
  • Why CADA stands out from other digital arts educational institutions.
  • Plus, we’re here to answer all your questions and more!

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