3D Essentials

Take your skills and understanding of 3D Digital Arts to the next level with this online course!

This online course is your first step to better understanding and improving your skills in 3D Digital Arts.

With 3D Essentials, you will learn from several of our teachers and industry professionals.

They will share with you tools and techniques used in the 3D industry, give you insights and secrets learned through several years of experience, and help get you started on your journey to become a 3D Artist!

3D Essentials is…

  • 11 online modules

  • Suitable for beginners and intermediates

  • Packed full of 3D essential tools, techniques and insights

  • With inspiration from passionate 3D Digital Artists

  • Taught by teachers and industry professionals

  • Giving you access to feedback and our 3D community

  • The best place for you to start or continue your 3D journey

You will learn from

Halfdan Wright
Halfdan Wright
Worked with 3D since 2006 as:
• Art Director at Vision.R
• VFX Artist at Nordisk Film Shortcut
• 3D Artist at Ghost VFX, DanesAdwork & More
Kim Hagen
Kim Hagen
Animation & Illustration since 1985:
• Trained by Disney veteran Don Bluth
• Film Director at Happy Flyfish
• His Film Dreambuilders Won CICFF – Best Animated Feature Film 2020
Birk Møller
Birk Møller
Worked with 3D since 2006 as:
• Modeller for Wilfilm
• 3D Artist at Animazé, Scarab Games & More
• Instructor at CADA (current)
Mark Iversen
Mark Iversen
3D Artist & Entrepreneur
• Co-Founder Eddaheim
• Animation Supervisor, the Danish Film School
• Creative Director, National Film School of Denmark
Tomáš Barkóci
Tomáš Barkóci
Bachelor in IT & Developer:
• IT Responsible, CADA
• Lead Software Dev at Social Vibes
• Freelance Graphic Designer
Tjalfe Husted
Tjalfe Husted
Teaching Art since 2014 as:
• Drawing Instructor, HUC Hillerød
• 3D instructor at RISEBA University
• Technical Artist & Teacher at CADA
Christian Ballund
Christian Ballund
30+ years exp. Production Management:
• Internationally acclaimed director and creative lead on animated content
• Taught a generation of Animation and game directors at The National Film School
• Virtual Production consultant at The Norwegian Film school 

Inside the course you will find

An introductory understanding of these 3D Essentials:

  • Modelling in Blender (6 lessons, 1 lecture)

  • Animation principles (2 lessons, 1 lecture)

  • Scripting in Blender (2 lessons, 1 lecture)

  • Traditional texturing, shading, lighting, and rendering in Blender (5 lessons, 1 lecture)

  • Compositing in Natron (1 lesson, 1 lecture)

  • Scene creation in Unreal Engine 5 (2 lessons, 1 lecture)

  • Basic Cinematic Language (1 lecture)

  • The Animation Industry (1 lecture)

  • The Game Industry (1 lecture)

  • The XR Industry (1 lecture)

  • The Film/VFX Industry (1 lecture)

Sneak-peek inside

Create Digital Art
Tjalfe from our 3D Bootcamp will take your skills to the next level with further teaching modelling in Blender and creating scenes in Unreal Engine 5, bringing more depth to your 3D competencies and the art you create.

Make Objects Come Alive
Resident teacher Halfdan will work with you, teaching animation principles and supporting you in bringing motion to 3D elements, enabling you to tell stories that inspire and connect with the viewer.

Post Effects
Resident teacher Birk will take you on a journey through traditional texturing, shading, lighting and rendering using Blender, giving you know how for taking your creations to the next level.

Industry Insights
Alongside industry professionals, our headmaster Christian, will give you an introduction into cinematic language and the requirements of film/VFX, XR, animation and game industries, so that you better understand what working in the 3D Industry will require from you.

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