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3 things 3D Digital Artists must master

News Industry May 12, 2022 12:50:34 PM 4 min read

Last week we had our bi-annual industry meetings, where we talk to industry leaders and professionals about the current and future skill needs of the 3D profession. They give us very valuable insight, in which direction to steer the education.

Discussion were focused on the impact of the wave of tech advances we’re seeing, and were filled with amazing conversation and information, most of which we can’t share, unfortunately. But we can share is the three major areas of focus for the 3DDA education.

1. Artistic understanding

Understanding why you make the artistic choices you do, and the artist foundations those choices are built on.

Tech constantly changes, and the tools you use will be evolving and changing, too. But understanding how and why you use those tools is incredibly important.

2. Be a problem solver.

At all stages of your careers, you will have imperfect information. Knowing how to approach a problem to try and solve it is an essential skill. This means you shouldn’t be afraid to fail. Failure brings knowledge that you can use to try again! And, of course, ties back to the first point – that you need a solid understanding of your subject to try and solve problems.

3. Soft skills.

Being able to communicate with people who know 3D and those that don’t. Working in multidisciplinary teams is going to become the norm, and being able to not only talk about your work, but understand someone else’s work is already important with everyone saying that being able to work in a team is the thing that will get you hired, and moving in a company.

Adam Mayes

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