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Truemax involved in winning prizes at DADIU

News Jun 14, 2016 10:03:21 PM 3 min read

Truemax involved in winning prizes at DADIU

Af Lars Mandal

Three students from Truemax (Tim, Christian and Felicia) was involved in winning an award in the DADIU programme in 2016 in the category: Game scope award with the game showcase, “uprise”. Others were nominated with other game showcases – “blobbers” and “spoken”.
DADIU educates future game developers. The students participating in DADIU come from art schools and universities in all of Denmark. The programme consists of a full time semester taking place each fall – the semester runs from the last week of August until mid December.
DADIU admits around 100 students each year. The students participate in classes, workshops, and game productions. During the productions, the students are divided into six teams, resembling six real game studios.
The students are accepted into a specific competence. DADIU admits six Game Designers, six Game Directors, six Project Managers, six Level Designers, six Audio Designers, six Art Directors, and a number of Programmers, CG artists, QA Managers, Visual Designers, and Animators.

Vidar Christiansen

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